Web Mapping

Course Outline

1 WEEK | Kshs 60,000 / US$ 750

The Web has changed every aspect of our life from our daily activities to our professional activities like our jobs and so on. Among these changes, GIS has been affected by this technology and a new technology, which is called Web GIS. Today, a vast majority of Internet users uses this technology but most of them don’t notice it; some examples of it could be finding hotels and addresses in a strange city using Google maps or other online maps; or when you are lost, you can easily locate your location using your phone’s GPS system and find your path. There are many other usages that we can name, some referring to this technology as Web GIS and others call it Internet GIS.

Course Scope

This course is designed as an introduction to Web GIS, to the programming concepts underlying construction and implementation of high quality web mapping applications. Introduction is provided in commonly used open source GIS and related programming tools for customizing web-based mapping applications, and development of distributed web services for GIS.


In this course, the learner gains an understanding of the basic concepts of programming web GIS applications, including integrating different types of spatial information into web – enabled GIS maps. In addition the learner will also be able to work with different data interchange formats. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to develop simple pages and develop simple web mapping mash ups.

Course Outline
  • Basics of Web GIS architecture, web services and mash-ups.
  • Basics of Web programming and development-HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Introduction to open source and proprietary web mapping API’s and scripting environments.

The course is intended for participants with a background in computer applications; and have a basic understanding of GIS technologies. This course is interactive with live meetings, presentations, practical exercises and discussions.