Spatial and 3D Analysis

Course Introduction

1 WEEK | Kshs 60,000 / US$ 750

Spatial Analysis

Using the Spatial Analyst tools available with ESRI ArcGIS, you can perform spatial analysis on your data. You can provide answers to simple spatial questions such as: How steep is it at this location? What direction is this location facing? You can also find answers to more complex spatial questions such as: Where is the best location for a new facility? What is the least costly path from A to B? The comprehensive set of Spatial Analyst tools within ArcGIS allows you to explore and analyze your spatial data and enables you to find solutions to your spatial problems. You can run tools from the Spatial Analyst toolbox or the Python Window, accessible via any ArcGIS Desktop application. You can also create your own custom tools (models or scripts) to run a sequence of tools at one time.

3D Analysis

The ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension provides tools for creating, visualizing, and analyzing GIS data in a three-dimensional (3D) context. You can use ArcGIS 3D Analyst geoprocessing tools to create and modify triangulated irregular network (TIN), raster, and terrain surfaces and extract information and features from them. The 3D Analyst toolsets let you convert TINs to features and rasters; create 3D features from functional surfaces by extracting height information; interpolate information from rasters; mathematically manipulate rasters; reclassify rasters; and derive height, slope, aspect, and volumetric information from TINs and rasters.

Course Outline
  • Spatial Analysis
    – Type of data, Data preparation
    – Applications – Suitability analysis.
    – Risk management.
    – Pattern visualization.
    – Modeling cost.
    – Other (depend on area of expertise and research questions).
  • 3D Analysis
    – 3D Features tools
    – 3D Analyst Conversion tools
    – 3D Analyst Data Management
    – Functional Surface tools
    – Raster Interpolation tools
    – Raster Math tools
    – Raster Reclass tools
    – Raster Surface tools
    – Triangulated Surface tools
    – Visibility tools