Principles of Earth Observation (Remote Sensing) and Digital Image Processing

Course Introduction

2 WEEKS | Kshs 40,000 / US$ 600

Earth observation or Remote Sensing has become one of the most efficient tools and techniques that are used in mapping, management and monitoring of natural resources and environmental studies. This course deals with basic image processing and interpretations that will enable the participants to acquire skills in image rectification and enhancement. Also provides the necessary background for advanced courses in image processing and applications.

  • Provide the necessary knowledge and skills to participants who are introduced to EO science for the first time.
  • Develop skill in satellite data selection for different applications based on scale of
    mapping requirements.
  • Develop skill in the use of different digital image processing software.
  • Introduce the participants to the principles of digital image processing and interpretation.
Course Outline
  • Definition of Earth Observation
  • Electromagnetic waves (EMW) and interactions between EMW & Matter.
  • Remote Sensing Systems
  • Platforms and Sensors
  • Spectral Response Curve
  • Digital Image Structure
  • Data Specifications
  • Preliminary Image Processing
  • Georeferencing
  • Enhancement and Classifications
  • Principles of Image Interpretation
  • Land use & Land Cover Mapping
  • Image Map Production

Candidates must be computer literate and must have interest in maps. Prior knowledge of GIS is required.