Land Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Course Introduction

2 WEEKS | Kshs 80,000 / US$ 1200

Information about location, condition and type of interest over land is needed for proper planning, sound policy formulation and for timely service delivery to people. However, much of this information is lacking, and where it is available, it is in analogue form, making processing and analysis difficult. This information should thus be structured and stored in digital databases and digital maps which are linked together for easier storage, retrieval and analysis. For this reason, land management information system course is important.

  • To appreciate digital geospatial data handling and role of ICT in modern cadastres.
  • Create digital maps and understand database creation and modeling.
  • Understand modern land management and administration methods.
  • Understand components and implementation strategies of LMIS.
Course Outline
  • Land Management and Administration
  • Parcel Identification and Boundaries
  • Cadastre and Resource Inventory
  • Basic Concepts and Fundamental Elements of LMIS
  • Special and Non Special Data Entry
  • Data Modeling Cadastre
  • Cadastral Database Design and Implementation of LMIS
  • Updating the Database and Land Transaction Procedures.