Hydrological Modelling

Course Introduction

1 WEEK | Kshs 60,000 / US$ 750

The objective of this course is to train on how to compute the hydropower potential of a site on a river using watershed modeling tools in a GIS from remote sensed data. This training will cover hydrological analyses, computation of hydropower based on run-of-river, Soil Water Analysis Tool, Computations of parameters through SWAT and modeling. The importance of such knowledge on how much hydropower resource is available is to assist a nation to quantify the potential of hydropower in the country and hence be able to plan and conduct informed feasibility studies on selected sites based on criteria developed through policies for the purpose of implementation of hydropower projects.

Small hydroelectric schemes have an interesting potential for development, but the search for exploitable sites requires a number of things, including the ability to quickly compare the energy yield and the economic situation. The use of geographical information systems (GIS) makes this step easier, and thanks to the automation of the procedures, it is possible to cover large surfaces. That is why a methodology has been developed and integrated into a computer tool incorporated in the software ArcGIS 10. This tool is based on a limited amount of numerical data: a digital elevation model (DEM) and runoff data. Investors are interested in; evaluation of potential sites for small hydro power plants, reports of possible capacity, identification of interesting areas for new power plants. Public authorities are interested in; base information for political decision makers, tool for approval process, and overview of potential hydropower.

  • Analyze the flow characteristics of a river.
  • Compute the Flow Duration Curve for a river.
  • Compute Environmental Flow Requirements.
  • Compute Run-of-the River hydropower.
  • Delineate Catchments in GIS.
  • Compute Hydropower potential for a river catchment.
  • Ground truth the hydropower results.
Course Outline
  • Run-of-the-river hydropower analysis
  • GIS and Remote sensing data handling 16
  • Hydropower Parameters Generation in SWAT
  • Potential Hydropower Calculations
  • Program/Course Expected Outcomes.

Applicants for the Hydropower in GIS course should have at least two years’ experience in a discipline related to the course specialization. The applicant should also be having knowledge of, and skills in working with computers. The course is structured at a basic level but prior knowledge of GIS is required.