Global Positioning System (GPS) & Mobile Mapping

Course Introduction

5 DAYS | Kshs 20,000 / US$ 300

This course is the combination of GIS software, GPS and mobile computing devices. A mobile GIS allows you to visualize information in a digital map, collect information where you observe it and interact directly with the world around you; while improving productivity and data accuracy. It improves processes like asset inventory, asset maintenance, incident reporting, emergency response among other features.

  • To develop skills in project implementation and application of mobile GIS.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Mobile GPS computers
    – Parts of GPS series handheld
    – Powering the handheld
    – Inserting and removing the battery, Charging the battery
    – Checking the level of battery power
    – Conserving power
    – Turning on and turning off the handheld
    – Suspend mode. Resetting the handheld
    – Storing data
    – Installing and removing the SIM card
    – Using the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system
  • Interaction with the GPS
    – Entering information
    – Using the on-screen keyboard
    – Installation and Configuration of ArcPad
    – Configuration and setting of ArcPad
    – ArcPad User Interface & Applications
    – ArcPad Browse toolbar (menus and forms)
    – Editor toolbar (menus, buttons and forms)
    – Command Bar buttons
    – GIS Data Capture & Management using ArcPad & ArcGIS

Basic knowledge of GIS and GPS use.