Global Positioning System (GPS) for General Applications

Course Introduction

2 DAYS | Kshs 10,000 / US$ 200

Positioning and navigation are crucial to many everyday activities of people, yet the process and methods of positioning have always been difficult. GPS has simplified the determination of positions and made the technology accessible to virtually everyone. GPS is a satellite based worldwide radio navigation system that provides reliable positioning and navigation services to users anywhere in the world. Many organizations and individuals are embracing the GPS technology to perform their work
more efficiently, safely, economically and accurately using the free and open GPS signals. This course is designed to give participants a good understanding of the principles of GPS positioning methods.

Course Objectives
  • Appreciate conventional positioning techniques and equipment
  • Describe the concepts and applications of GPS technology
  • Understand coordinate systems and datum
  • Collect GPS data using handheld GPS receivers
  • Navigate to specific locations using handheld GPS receivers
  • Calculate direction and distance between points
  • Transfer GPS data into maps
Course Outline
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • GPS System description
  • Positioning techniques
  • DGPS and Augmentation system
  • Coordinate systems and datum’s
  • Way point’s collections and related attribute data
  • Navigate to specific locations
  • Manual entry of new way points
  • Calculation of directions and distances
  • Transfer GPS data from GPS receiver GIS maps

Basic computer skills.