Geographic Information System (GIS) using ArcGIS or QGIS

Course Introduction

2 WEEKS | Kshs 40,000 / US$ 600

Geographic Information Systems – GIS course focuses on collection, management and analysis of spatial data, and the development of technical and professional skills that can be used in the work-place or in research. They cover fundamental GIS concepts as well as how to create, edit, and work with geo-referenced spatial data. Students learn how to manipulate tabular data, query a GIS database, and present data clearly and efficiently using maps and charts.

  • To provide clear information on Geographical Information Systems- GIS concepts, technical issues and applications.
  • To teach where GIS fits in the world of information systems and maps, how it’s unique and why it is important.
  • To enable the participants know the issues involved in choosing a Geographical Information Systems- GIS package, obtaining and evaluating data and implementing and managing a GIS.
  • To acquire practical experience in using Geographical Information Systems- GIS software.
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Exploring GIS concepts
  • Displaying data
  • Querying databases
  • Working with spatial data
  • Working with tables
  • Editing Data
  • Working with geo-referenced data
  • Geo-referencing
  • Cartographic Map Making and Presentation

Candidates must be computer literate and must have interest in maps. Prior knowledge of GIS is not required.