Application of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in Natural Resources Management

Course Outline

4 WEEKS | Kshs 80,000 / US$ 1200

Data collection via GIS and Remote Sensing is the base for natural resource management. It is essential to know spatial as well as temporal distribution of resources if they are to be properly managed in a sustainable manner. Based on the resource base situation, certain management prescriptions can be recommended. Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) are such technologies that are much more reliable, precise and efficient as well than any other resource assessment technology in resource assessment, change detection, suitability analysis, scenario study impact assessment etc.


In natural resource management, GIS and remote sensing is mainly used in the mapping process. GIS technologies are used to develop a variety of maps. Examples include: Land cover maps, Vegetation maps, Soil maps, Geology maps etc. This course encompasses comprehensive image processing, classification, accuracy assessment, spatial database development, cartographic designing and map production.