Career Skills Center (CSC) is a registered company based in Kenya. CSC provides professional training services in geo-information (GIS, RS) and ICT. CSC also does research and development to promote innovative solutions and applications in the use of geo-information (GIS, RS).

Geospatial (GIS, RS) data is used for different applications so as to analyze patterns and trends, e.g., transport networks, hydrology, population characteristics, economic activity, disaster management, urban planning etc. CSC offers training programmes that enable clients be able to relate and analyze the different kinds of data to come up with meaningful information which is used in decision making.

Company Strategy

The overall goal of CSC is to promote geospatial (GIS, RS) technology training and education opportunities in order to develop and maintain appropriate skill levels for its clients so that they can be able to use geospatial (GIS, RS) technology tools optimally for their benefit. This is done by developing training plans for the different levels of need; recommend appropriate training for the different clients; and creating an educational program for training clients who are not yet familiar with the benefits and uses of GIS/RS in their respective work environments.

CSC’s strategic approach is organised around these four key areas:

  1. Institutional Development – strengthening the capacities of all organizations we partner with including supporting their organizational development areas through our sector-specific courses.
  2. Knowledge Management – CSC seeks to promote a culture of continuous reflection, learning and documentation to capture and disseminate best practices from its own experiences as well as experiences of others.
  3. Research & Innovation – CSC seeks to deepen ways to collaborate with like-minded institutions of higher learning, researchers, corporates and creatives in linking the skills gaps to resourceful training and related opportunities; with the aim of fostering an enabling environment for organized capacity building and talent management.
  4. Community Support – CSC places great emphasis on local giving to communities in efforts aimed at enhancing prospects of sustainability.


The global and regional premier training institute in Geo-information and ICT.


Promote sustainable development by offering quality training services in geo-information and ICT, supported by robust research, development, innovative applications and solutions to better the world.